06 June 2015

Flux Sur Mer

Opening today, Saturday, June 6 at 5:30 pm slt, is the gorgeous sim Flux Sur Mer, owned by Mya Richards (myarichards) and designed by Nic Bour (nicbor), with custom meshes by Imokon Neox, management by Posh Jones (poshjones) and event decor by Britain Kennedy. "My memories have long remained vivid of time spent in the south of France; long, lazy days of wandering through open air markets with soft breezes of the sea at our backs. When I stepped into the Flux Sur Mer sim for the first time, upon its completion, it took my breath away," says Mya. "I felt the moments I had spent in the French countryside come flooding back to me, almost as if Nic and I shared the very same visions in our minds. The colours, the details, the bakery, the outdoor cafe; each tiny detail summoned bright remembrances of what life, love and France meant for me during those days that suddenly felt not-so-long-ago."

A set of three rocky islands, connected in part by a majestic stone bridge (lowest image), Flux Sur Mer is home to dwellings, urban clusters and peaceful farmland. The interiors of spaces are strikingly decorated, such as the scene at the Theater, which will be home to the opening celebrations. From the landing point, visitors strike out in a northernly direction (you can grab a bicycle if you'd like), coming first to the sim's information hub. There, be sure to obtain a notecard (which I hope will be available beyond today's events) that provides teleport links to various locations throughout the sim — a dormitory (above), a fishing location, a yard sale, a rental home, and a beach — where gifts are available. Other key locations include the farm (image below), a cafe, and a greenhouse.

Flux Sur Mer may not remain open to visitors permanently, so be sure to visit sooner rather than later. "The team is currently brainstorming on how the sim will be utilised," says the team. "However, until we have a solid plan, the sim will be open to the public to enjoy." The sim's default windlight setting, shown the first image in this post, is a lovely fading sun, but the sim is so varied and photogenic that visitors will certainly want to play with other options as well. The region is destined to quickly become a favorite point of travel for explorers and photographers.

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  1. The sim is beautiful and worth to stay longer, to cuddle, to dream, to chill or to take pictures. I came across it through Inara Pey's Living in a modemworld blog. But someone at Flux Sur Mer told me coming from your blog. So I have a new blog to follow for destinations that I may like to visit. I like your post about Flux Sur Mer, thank you, Ziki