10 June 2015

Summer at Umbral Photography

When I last visited Umbral Photography in January (read here), it was a snowy, ice-covered world, with fields and buildings glistening the winter sun. Now, summer has arrived, and designer Coqueta Veeper (Coqueta Georgia), who co-owns the sim with her partner, vlady Veeper, has transformed the fields into lush blooms of flowers, and flocks of birds circle overhead. Rezzing is turned on to allow photographers the option of props or poses.

The landing point linked above takes visitors to the south side of the island. The north side, visually seamless from the south, includes a location that caters to the D/s community, and if that's not your thing just steer clear — the activity seems consistently contained within the club (the large building in the background in the image below). Building interiors, such as that of the home above, are exquisitely decorated — including the club itself, which might remind explorers of venues at the sim Elysion.

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