09 June 2015

SaveMe Oh at The Josef K Galleria dell'Arte

SaveMe Oh is possibly the most controversial — or simply reviled — figure in the Second Life artworld. Rude, abrasive, caustic, prone to interrupting performances and exhibitions, she has been expelled and ostracized from so many venues that the bans have become part of her persona. But her work is not without its own brilliance, ranging from "pop up" performances such as this that I documented four years ago, to her elegant Glassworks performances of a year ago. Wearing attachments that fill the performance space, ranging from animals to houses to prims with moving images, she often literally is the artwork, flooding the environment in every direction with images and her bitingly sarcastic humor.

Today, Tuesday, June 9 at 1 pm slt, to commemorate the May 2 release of SaveMe Oh: The Muse of Many Famous Painters (with a prologue by Preben Wolff (Josef K), text by Amaya Mendizabal, and English edits by Aquaglo/Gloria Wyatt, available on the iTunes store) SaveMe will present a performance at the Josef K Galleria dell'Arte, where works by many of Second Life's leading artists are on display. More about the book is available through this promotional video.

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  1. Your description of SaveMe Oh is the best one I have ever heard. Agreed