25 June 2015


Now open at LEA6 is HuMaNoiD by Wendy Xeno, which hearkens back to her picturesque standalone sim of the same name that closed a little over a year ago (about which I last wrote here). Now enclosed in a dome to prevent the view of neighboring sims from disturbing the tranquil waterscape, the build is a scene of serenity, with small islands dotting our field of view, offering many spots for respite and meditation. Previously one of Second Life's most photographed and visited sims, this new iteration is certain to become a destination point for explorers.

Wendy has recreated several of the original skyboxes to provide additional environments, and these are accessed through the doors at the landing point — they include Zen moment, Sepia winter, Dream in blue (shown above), Gypsy, and Cirque (my personal favorite), many of which are beautiful enough to stand on their own as independent builds.

The new HuMaNoiD isn't a precise duplicate of its predecessor — Wendy dispensed with the taller islands, which simply didn't work against the dome, and added elements such as the delightful balloons shown above. The windlight setting (also shown immediately above) is now darker and more austere, but visitors of course have the option of changing that (the original from years ago being [TOR] SUNRISE - Whisked), and can even derez the dome for an extended view of the horizon, as shown below. HuMaNoiD will remain open through the end of July.

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  1. Thanks for blogging this. I went there to take some pictures!I loved it and recommend it!