16 July 2015

Art Is Protest

Opening today, Thursday, July 16 at 1:30 pm slt at Trésor de l'Art, curated by Duna Gant and owned by Rubin Mayo, is Art Is Protest, an exhibition featuring works by two artists, Nino Vichan and Basu Kshitiz. Nino's installation, entitled Staten Island, July 17th 2014, reflects back on the killing of Eric Garner, an African American man who died a year ago tomorrow at the hands of New York City police, and whose death sparked a wave a protests in many U.S. cities. The installation comprises three scenes: I Can't Breathe, Black Lives Matter, and Violence Begets Violence, the last of which refers to the revenge killing of two New York City policemen by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley in late 2014.

Nino's work is effectively laid out in narrative style (just keep weaving your way around — you'll exit near where you entered), with local sounds that need to be heard. It's not a particularly pleasant thing to visit, but that's precisely the point, as it invites us to grapple with Garner's murder and the subsequent violence that unfolded. The work of Basu Kshitiz, by contrast, is humorous and lighthearted, although its real intent is every bit as serious, pointing out through satire the challenges faced by society in his native country of Nepal. Art Is Protest will remain on view until September.


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  3. Grazie Ziki!!! Thank you Ziki.