13 July 2015

Art on Roofs

Now open at a new gallery space at Solodonna land, owned by Sniper Siemens and Elettra Beardmore, and curated by terrygold, is Art on Roofs, a exhibition of two- and three-dimensional works by Mistero Hifeng. And the name is fitting in more ways than one: from the landing point one looks out onto an landscape of tile roofs, and it's there one finds the artworks, reachable through a couple of paths or by simply walking right out onto the roofs.

Mistero's distinctive forms — some surreal and many emotionally confronting or uncomfortable (here, for example, bodies shattered or pierced by arrows) — are woven with care into the environment. I would recommend that visitors ensure that their level of detail is turned up, as otherwise some of the more delicate elements of Mistero's works may not show properly. If you'd like to help ensure future shows, a tip jar is located near the landing point. The exhibition continues through July 23.

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