06 July 2015


Opening today, Monday, July 6, at 12 pm slt, is Dreamers by Cica Ghost at LEA24. In a surreal world canopied by a magical sky, sixteen figures look upward to dream, and eight eagerly share their visions with visiting explorers. Their immediate surroundings, a curious landscape filled with odd wooden structures and carved animals, look out over a celadon sea filled with odd trees and a quirky cartoonish seafarer.

To enter the dreamers' dreams, simply click on their heads (you might need to venture close to avoid catching an alpha texture), venturing into their individual realms in the sky overhead. Followers of Cica's previous builds will immediately recognize the locations — Cica, Rust, Ghostville, Little Village, Little Town, Ruins, Balloons, and Life in a Bowl — about which the dreamers are thinking, all reproduced just enough to conjure images in our own minds.

In addition to clicking on the dreamers' heads, visitors should click on everything else, as poses are to be found here and there, ground level included. Cica says she may add some additional dreams over time. It's not her tendency to leave builds in place for long — as soon as visitors begin to dwindle in number, she begins to build anew — so Dreamers is likely to disappear long before the end of the year, when her LEA artist residency will come to an end.

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