07 July 2015

Kitten's Heaven

For the past couple months, Isabelli Anatine Hak and NekoZombie-Raw (NekoZombie78) have been working on a sim, Kitten's Heaven, that was scheduled to open soon — they've been kind enough to allow me access the past few weeks to watch as they built — with landscaping and exteriors by Isabelli and interiors by Neko. Sadly, Isabelli received real life news today that places her in the unfortunate position of having to let go of the sim, and so they've made the decision to open it to everyone immediately, even though it remains unfinished.

Although it's incomplete, Kitten's Heaven is a beautiful place: a pastoral setting on high rocks, with paths leading here and there to small homes or buildings nestled in the hillsides where trees sway in the breeze. A chapel sits particularly high on the cliffs on the southeast corner of the sim, looking down over the placid waters. To the north, a beach clings to the sea near the bottom of the rocks, while inland a shallow lake, which connects to the sea and from which a central valley slopes upwards, is home to a large houseboat.

The sim's default windlight environment is shown at top, with a glowing green sky, but I've also enjoyed experimenting with darker settings, and the region is sure to delight both photographers and explorers. Thanks to Isabelli and Neko for sharing this short-lived experience with the community — Kitten's Heaven should be around for about two more weeks.


  1. Beautiful place. Thanks for blogging it and I hope you don't mind I ran right over and blogged it too since it's sounding like it will only be open a short time and people should see it. Thanks for sharing.