18 April 2016

Gravity is a mistake

Now open is the first part of Gravity is a mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin, to which two additional components will eventually be added. As is typical with the artist's work, the installation is highly interactive and playful, with generally unpredictable and often absurd results, and includes a puzzle to solve. As visitors arrive, they should accept the experience that's offered, thereby allowing the attachment of a simple HUD.

After leaving the landing point (which is hidden away in the curious object pictured at top), visitors are deposited at one end of the base of a long canyon filled with all sorts of miscellaneous objects (image above). A good rule of thumb in any build by Eupa is to click on everything, and Gravity is a mistake is no exception — objects will teleport you, change your camera angle (the fourth image in this post is one likely to be seen), animate your avatar, shower you with gifts (be sure to visit the bar), load web pages, interact with one another, and attach objects to you. (This last effect is seen in the image immediately below, where I found myself wearing an odd hat and an assortment of lines that moved, continually changing directions. There is a simple way to remove these attachments, which you'll no doubt discover.)

The greatest puzzle, and one that had me stumped for a while, involves getting past the dragon at the end of the walkway. He defiantly guards a large circular pool that lies beyond, unwilling to acknowledge that the once-private space is now a public library. Eupa suggested I share a tip from artist Kikas Babenco that might help those who find themselves stumped: "The hint is trying to catch your attention." (Watch out for the several red herrings, too, that might lead you astray.)

After navigating past the dragon, visitors enter the public library, the tall stacks of which line the walls (image below). For now, it's devoid of books, but that's the next section of the build, and something that will feature works by multiple artists. (A third planned element of Gravity is a mistake, to be situated along the sides of the island, will include additional games by Eupa.) Visitors should also be sure to see Maya Paris's Le Cactus (read here), which is rezzed in the sky of the sim — a teleport available on the top of the island.