04 April 2016

The Hell's Haven

"Let this world refresh your soul and melt your worries away," say Snoob (snoobjohnson) and Clarity Johnson (Clarity Hartle) of their sim The Hell's Haven, designed by Snoob with contributions from Clarity and a few friends. It's a stunningly beautiful creation in tones of brown, deep green and grey enveloped in a low-lying fog and blanketed by blue and orange skies, offering an ethereal and otherworldly feel.

Visitors arrive outdoors on a wooden walkway leading to a home perched on a tiny bit of land that rises from the surrounding waters, which are filled with tall grasses, shady trees, little vignettes, and bits and pieces of (often decaying) debris. "I will change the scenery from time to time," Snoob says, so explorers will want to revisit often. "The garage [image below] I built two days ago — I'm a buildaholic!" Toward the northwest, the imposing rocky sides of a mountain jut straight up from the sea, and a path leads to a striking interior ravine.

The proprietors say nudity is welcome (it's an adult sim), especially for photography, but ask that visitors refrain from outright sexual behavior. And photographers who wish to rez props may enjoy a 45 minute period, as long as the items are consistent with the nature of the sim. Contributions to The Hell's Haven may be left at the landing point.

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