11 April 2016

Windlight Magazine Spring 2016 Art Show

Now open is the Windlight Magazine Spring 2016 Art Show, sponsored by Windlight Magazine, featuring works by more than 50 Second Life artists, including some of considerable renown. Many of the artists have opted to entered their works in a juried competition that will award more than L$20,000 in prizes. The show has been curated by Windlight editor John (Johannes1977 Resident), joined by Eleseren Brianna, who curated the Edge Gallery on the sim.

Artists presenting two-dimensional works in the juried pool include Carley Noonan, cherrycarr, eeraftr resident, GlitterPrincess Destiny, Honey Bender, ilyra chardin, Jarla Capalini, Journey McLaglen (fourth image, on left), Judilynn India, Kayli Iali, Layachi IHNEN, Margo Hollak, Miele Tarantal, Myra Wildmist (lowest image), Richie Narstrom, Roffellos, Ronin1 Shippe, Sandi Benelli, SAULGOODiE, Shakti Adored, Sheba Blitz, Sparkie Cyberstar, Syphera Inaka, tripleplaynitely, Warm Clarity, wild Alchemi and WrenNoir Cerise. Three-dimensional juried works include those by Theda Tammas, Slatan Dryke and Peli Dieterle.

Artists participating in the non-juried two-dimensional portion of the event include Antartica Slade, Boudicca Amat, Eleseren Brianna, Hana Hoobinoo, Inara Pey, Jamie86 Resident, Jarla Capalini, Johannes1977 Resident, Skip Staheli, Tempest Rosca, Wicca Merlin and Ziki Questi (second image). Those displaying three-dimensional non-juried works include Bryn Oh, Betty Tureaud (image above, left side), Cica Ghost (top image), Haveit Neox and Secret Rage. (Check here for a comprehensive list of participants.)

Many of the artists have set their items for sale. The show is accompanied by various performances and other events — see the calendar here. The region's default environmental setting is on the darker side, which works well for many artworks (especially those that use projected light), but visitors may want to explore additional options as well. The show will remain open until April 17.