15 April 2016


Now open is Moonlight, the latest in a series of immersive sim-wide installations by Cica Ghost, following quickly on the heels of her recent Strawberryland. Evoking magic and enchantment, the surreal scene is situated on a rocky island enveloped by a deep teal night sky.

Visitors arrive at the foot of a flight of stone stairs that ascends towards a little town of quirky homes, with clotheslines lined with socks and underwear strung between the houses. Some of the square paving stones rise and fall, as if alive, and starry particles drift from the swaying grasses throughout the scene. (These unfortunately disappear as one zooms out, but can be seen in the lowest image here.) A curiously solo giraffe passively surveys it all.

Over everything hover some stars and a giant moon that lights the little village, low to the homes and so close it seems as if one could stretch up and touch it. Perhaps its nearness is what has prompted the town's children to sleepwalk, exiting their bedroom windows and climbing onto the rooftops, gazing upward with somnambulant wonder toward the glowing crescent. One rooftop is empty, and we surmise that the child comfortably perched on the edge of moon with her cat has somehow managed to climb aloft.

For visitors, Cica has provided some small and quirky wireframe beds that lazily float in the sky, drifting this way and that over the island — click on one for a sleepy ride. Those who enjoy Cica's work might consider leaving a contribution toward Moonlight and future projects at the landing point, or by visiting her store.

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