15 September 2009

Dirty Cute

Can you think neon? Or maybe think neon + sewers + go-go club + cool shopping + hidden passageways + awesome build ... then maybe the answer will be Dirty Cute, an ultra-mod hangout and one of my favorite spots in Second Life. Sadly the land is now for sale, but Dirty Cute's creator, Fade Lei, assures me that she'll build again if this place disappears -- so you should hurry to see it before it become another piece of lost SL ephemera. I've seen some wild parties here, rocking out to Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, but now you're more likely to see a quiet person or two exploring and shopping in the galleries. Make sure when you visit to set the world to midnight so the place can really come alive. And if you think you've found every nook and cranny in Dirty Cute after exploring for a few minutes, you probably haven't, because there are hidden doors in the walls and lots of little spaces. You can see a few more pics on my flickr stream.

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