08 September 2009


It seems as if I don't visit nearly as often as I used to (or should!), but Flashmans, run by the eminent proprietor Martin Ren (pictured here on the left), is hands down one of my favorite places in Second Life. Here one might find some of the great minds of the metaverse cavorting and conversing, either at the bar or on the dance floor ... or in the downstairs opium den! But this isn't your high end dance club ... no swanky attire is necessary here, only an odd sense of humor and the ability to converse, both sensically and nonsensically. Rats scurry across the floor, and once in a while a grand event or celebration (the science fairs are my personal favorites) takes over the establishment for a day. Here I have made many dear friends, some of whom I rarely see anymore (a few have departed for regions unknown) ... If I ever were to find myself homeless, this is where I'd turn up!

My lovely dress in this shot is by Thera Taurog, whose store, filled with sumptuous works of fashion art, can be found here.

Here's my Flashmans set on flickr!

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