05 September 2009

Grim Bros.

I don't know what Cutea Benelli drinks, but I want some of it... By way of introduction to her work, about a year ago, I was hanging out at Flashmans, one of the great old haunts of SL, when proprietor extraordinaire Martin Ren set out an enormous eyeball behind the bar that blinked and watched us as we moved about. Its creator was Blotto Epsilon, a friend of Cutea's, and that huge, fabulous fascinating eye is one of the items for sale at Cutea's store, Grim Bros.

Everything here is almost unreal ... shoes with moving gears, dresses made of scrap metal and beams of light, avatars of every shape and size, all swashed with a bit of dark humor ... as Martin put it, the creativity here is almost endless. It's the kind of store that makes your head spin as you look about in bemused wonder. (The outfit I'm wearing here is one of hers, and the neon-esqe textures move constantly while I wear it ... a total trip.)

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