16 September 2009

Where's Ziki?

As my partner Barbie can tell you, I love to transform myself into a variety of crazy avatars (weird shapes, demented people, animals (no furry blood in me though)) -- I have one, the Bigly by Yoa Ogee, that's 50 meters tall!).

A long time ago a dear friend of mine, Jade Steinhoff (where are you, Jade?), told me she had found a tree avatar but couldn't remember where. I looked and looked, but alas couldn't find one I liked. Until today, in Random Person's shop. Can you spot me in the photo above? (Click to zoom in.) I'm the little tree (8.5 m tall on the ground) with light colored leaves toward the bottom center. My leaves flow with the breeze, and if i fly ... all my roots are exposed! A plum tree is also available. Photo taken at Walkaloosa (and more about that place some other time!).


  1. LMAO ... My dear friend and partner in crime, Sassy Romano (hmmm, need to write about her, too!), told me that the original slurl for Random Person's shop was off by a few meters, sending her into a 1000 meter freefall to the ground (heh heh). All fixed now. ;-)

  2. With fall coming be careful that the chipmunks and squirrels dont decide to eat your nuts!!

  3. Oopsies.... I meant you are nuts...BITCH!