03 September 2009

Leap of Faith

Hey, this place looks really busy ... NOT! ... but I just rented a shop here. Having now 33 Babele Fashion stores of my own, I've come to realize that sometimes I need to make a leap of faith, and something told me that this place might take off. I did the same thing back when I rented a space at Enslaved (now located at Novazeit) when it was largely empty, and Enslaved became a big hit. I can hardly say I have an infallible track record when it comes to plunking down a store in a mostly empty mall, but this place -- called RLV Bondage Paradise, run by subgirl Magic -- has the right vibes. My friend Sassy Romano (of Sassy's, maker of very cool RLV things) agreed and put in a shop too, so now we have to wait and see.

This place isn't a relocation because of the adult land shift; it's a new build. I've found that some places that have moved to Zindra or elsewhere aren't doing as well as they had previously -- maybe people can't find them? ... maybe the move is making people look at new places? -- so now I'm always on the hunt, but most builds don't inspire. We'll see how this one does, but I know I'll have to give it a few weeks at least!

Addendum on 9/18: Well, so much for that! Unfortunately the sim closed, but the owner, subgirl Magic, fully refunded my outstanding balance, and I wish her the best of luck with her future endeavors.

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