21 April 2010

Atrum Votum

I can't think of many places in Second Life that are parks ... I mean, just plain old parks ... rolling landscapes filled with trees and vegetation, places you can just stroll around in, where the landscape itself is the object of beauty. Atrum Votum is one such place—I visited it yesterday after not having ventured there for maybe a year or so, and was surprised and delighted to discover it intact (as many places disappear, you know!). If you come with a friend, there are dances and cuddles (and a few more risqué opportunities) throughout the island, including a modest little dance floor tucked into the landscape. (As always, click on the photos to enlarge them ... they're so tiny on the blog page!)

The trees are a mix of oak, birch, pine, olive and other species. Toward the center of the island are mountains (topping out at 66 meters) that you can reach partway by traversing rope bridges and climbing ladders through rock-strewn hillsides covered with ferns. Be prepared to do some walking, as flying is turned off in this sim (appropriately, I might add). On the southeast corner of the island lies an old cemetery (containing a memorial to avatar Teri LaFollette), and near the campfire on the beach, on the eastern edge of the land, a hidden tunnel runs out toward north toward the next corner edge. Whether you choose to just roam, or to dance, or sit by the sea and listen to the waves crash against the shoreline while watching the sunset, this sim is a hidden gem and a photographer's dream.

Atrum Votum is owned by Silkn Stormwood and Chavo Raven, and contains many design contributions by Anthea Thereian. To the north lies the sim Chavo, home to—naturally enough—Chavo's, an animation shop that probably thrived in years past. Much of Atrum Votum seems to been built in late 2006, with some additions in 2008—the About Land info says this romantic hideaway was claimed way back in June 2004.

P.S. After posting this, I received a nice note from Silkn Stormwind saying that she will be updating the isle soon (no changes, just additions!).


  1. Im definately going to have to visit this place! I love taking pictures in sl. Ty ♥ Ezzie Shepherd

  2. Hi Ezzie! Unfortunately this place disappeared from the map a long time ago, but it was a lovely spot. —Ziki