02 April 2010

The Cellar and Cellar Proper

I love places imbued with an atmosphere of decay, and Outy Banjo's paired sims, Cellar and Cellar Proper, are among the best. Arriving at the latter (teleport here), you find yourself inside a hallway at the Von Cellar Public School, which clearly hasn't seen students or teachers in a number of years. Its classrooms are a jumble of desks, broken windows, graffiti and dust. Venture around and you'll find a gymnasium that's literally falling apart, some really filthy bathrooms, long corridors, and lots of mysterious closed doorways to enter and exit. Outy's textures (which are for sale at his shop in the neighboring sim, Cellar) are superb.

Exit the school and walk down the road to find Aunt Mrytle's Halfway House, and, as you enter Cellar to the south, some other cottages and bungalows (in one of which you might encounter Outy himself). Be aware that many of these are private homes, as Outy offers rental space. The major landmark in Cellar Township (which is essentially the sim of Cellar) is the enormous wood waste incinerator, shown in the background below. In the northwest corner you'll discover an delightful roadsign graveyard (watch your step!), and southwest a few shops, including Outy's. I love the vista on the hill to the east. The entire area is very much fun for playing with windlight settings.

This dress is the Fontana Green Silk designed by Pinco Janus of Babele Fashion.

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