18 April 2010

Imagine Nest

Imagine Nest, an installation in the sim Four Bridges North, is filled with swirling shapes, zooming particles and ... love. Its creator, AuraKyo Insoo, says, "Imagine is Life, is Change, is Revolution. Imagine is Love," and throughout the installation, with acknowledged inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi to Victor Hugo to The Beatles and others, are expressions of love and the opportunity for you to express your own, through messages you can leave: "Come and drop your messages inside the universe!"

There are places here to dance (solo or with friends), to jump into one of the twisting, whirling eddies and become one with the space, or simply to lie down and look up. The environment is dynamic, always changing, and so these still photos hardly do it justice. It appears as if there's also a "Light Theatre" where performances are occasionally held. My avatar is these photos has donned the Monsieur Rousseau's Panther design from alpha.tribe, with hair—the incredibly inexpensive Thunderdome mohawk—from The Stringer Mausoleum.

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