20 April 2010

Babele Fashion's Ultra Sexy Beach Set Pois Brown

Very minimal, extremely sexy, and I keep wearing it over and over ... three good things to say! The "Ultra Sexy Beach Set Pois Brown" by Babele Fashion's Pinco Janus was released in January—part of her "pois brown" series, which uses the same texture on a variety of outfits—and as summertime approaches it seems even more appropriate. I like to wear it without the included miniskirt—just the top, the "perizoma" bottom and the leg wrappings, flashing a not inconsiderable amount of my ass. ;) ... It certainly tends to elicit comments! If you're looking for something similar but not quite as skimpy, Babele's Summer Set Pois Brown is probably your best bet.

These photos were taken at the picturesque sim Atrum Votum, about which I'll have more to say soon!

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