12 April 2010

The Destruction of The Abbey

Today marked the end of The Abbey—or should I say this incarnation of The Abbey—a beautiful sim created and owned by Darmin Darkes and BaileyMarie Princess (left and center in the photo above—click to zoom in on any photo). Earlier this morning large portions of the structures on the island were already gone, and by the time I returned this afternoon the demolition of the castle, situated on a hilltop overlooking the island, was well underway. Most of the roof had collapsed, and as the small group of us inside ducked and jumped out of the way, huge stones—the remainders of the walls and roof—occasionally crashed down around us. Some pieces tumbled dozens of meters down to litter the beaches surrounding the island.

I managed to snap a few photos in a sort of time-elapse sequence as things went flying in every direction, and I hope get them up on my flickr stream later today. It was quite a spectacle, although with a mix of emotions—it's never easy to say good-bye to something as exquisite as this place.

But it's not entirely a sad story: Darmin and BaileyMarie plan to rebuild the entire sim within a few days' time, and I'll certainly be writing more for the grand re-opening. They're two of the most creative designers working in Second Life, and I look forward to seeing their latest.

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