12 November 2011


I recently blogged about the Choice!2011 hunt and the Halloween Hunt at Toyland, so I would be remiss in not mentioning the Dare2Bare Hunt, especially since my store, Babele Fashion, is participating! There are 77 shops in this one, a pretty huge list, and we're #27, so hang in there! ;) Really, you can start from any location, but you're searching for a dark violet "2", and some shops have hidden theirs pretty well. The Dare2Bare website gives you a hint for each location. Ours is: A fountain points the way.

Founded and managed by Julya Lykin, Dare2Bare, as its name suggests, is for those interested in exploring the more decadent side of fashion in Second Life, and I'm sure many of the outfits are more than a little revealing! Our hunt prize is in the top photo, although it looks a lot more interesting from the front than the side haha. Have fun ... I haven't even visited most of the shops yet myself.

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