28 November 2011

Primordial Soup and Sandwich

I'm a total sucker for crazy avatars, especially ones that are as far from being human as possible. It's not so much being a dragon or a mosquito (for those I always go to Grendel's, of course!), it's more being something that's totally different, not even remotely human. I've collected a good number of those from Yeti Bing and Yoa Ogee (hmm, about which I should write a post!), and also from Cutea Benelli at Grim Bros.

A couple days ago I was hanging around at The Far Away, waiting for the infamously AFK AM Radio to wake up, and this uber-cool avatar wandered in, so of course I had to find out where he got his looks. And the answer is: Primordial Soup and Sandwich, a new place to me, designs by Madcow Cosmos. (Or maybe also Nowhere Phobos, who may well be the same person, not that it matters.) Off I went and bought twelve different avatars. (There are dragons and things like that here, too.)

Among my favorites is the one just above, a skeletal pair of fingers that do your walking for you. (Hello, Yellow Pages.) And the drum avatar below plays tons of music—you control the output by clicking on different parts, and I gather you can even sync with other avatars. From top to bottom here: Mole and the Far Plunger, Magic Hat, Handy, and Major Drum. Have fun!

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