13 November 2011

Jopsy Pendragon's Ethereal Lands

When I was new to Second Life ("A good while before Ziki's rezday," says my human, although how could that possibly be?) one of my favorite places to visit was Jopsy Pendragon's land in the sims of Teal, Slate and Hina. I stopped back a couple days ago and was really delighted to see everything again, although Jopsy has clearly given the entire area a facelift (maybe several).

The lovely Cloud Chateau (pictured above) certainly had a "wow" factor way back when, and even today it's mesmerizingly lovely—you take a seat along the edge and just watch the always-changing show of particles. I remember going here with friends, watching and watching. And particles are really what things are all about here, because not far from the Cloud Chateau you can visit the Particle Laboratory (immediately below) to learn all about particles.

To travel around Jopsy's lands (Ethereal Teal, Ethereal Slate and Ethereal Hina), you hop on one of the many transport balloons and simply click where you want to go. The balloon will whisk you to your destination, and there are many from which to choose. There's a Vehicle Laboratory, Jopsy's Store, the Caverns (photo below—once there you can take a gondola ride through them), a Theatre (where you can try The Porgan 1800 "particle organ"), a Fireworks show, a SkyCoaster (sort of like a roller coaster in a tube), a link to the Great Second Life Railway, and a bunch of other cool things—tons of fun stuff. So grab a friend and do some balloon-hopping! Thanks to Jopsy Pendragon for these captivating spaces.

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