25 November 2011


I was pretty surprised to discover a couple days ago that I've never blogged about Roche, because it's one of my favorite places in Second Life, and it's also one of the most popular places for photographers. The creation of ddsm2 Mathy, the island of Roche is breathtakingly picturesque, its slightly rocky terrain rising up out of the sea, embracing the aged and weathered (but often cozy) buildings peppered around the space.

I think the traditional entry point for Roche is in the northwest corner, where you'll go if you click on the slurl above, although you can really come in anywhere. There you'll find a number of small structures, including a refreshment stand, a bus stop (which you'll find elsewhere, even though the notion of buses here seems incongruous with the island) and a bicycle rental stand, where you can rez a bike to speed you about the little paths or roads that wind around Roche. And a friendly little black pug. Also near here is Roche Station, an apparent rail terminus alongside the water, with tracks that fade away into decay, suggesting a place that hasn't seen a train or rail car in a very long time.

But for now head in the opposite direction down the path to arrive at the Misaki Bakery, where you can warm yourself with some toast from the toaster, or a baguette or a boule. At the bakery there's a fork in the road, with the left side heading inland around the central pond (perhaps you see some sheep in the distance), and the right side hugging the coastline. Take the right fork, along the bare winter trees, to the next fork, where you'll find the cozy Cafe Gallery 414 (shown in the photo just below—click to zoom), greeted by two black cats at the door.

Here the jazz music and wood stove are sure to warm you up (if not, there are some cigarettes you can grab outside near the front door (not that I smoke!)). Right now there are some photos and works on art on display by several artists—Yurin Wirefly, natsu Serevi, yutaka Densmith and happyrose Lyle. There are some nice places to chill out or cuddle up here.

But, explorer, you're determined to press forward, to discover the rest of this sim. Head back and out and continue around, walking (or biking) around the south side of the island, where you'll take a bridge over the swamp that connects the pond to the ocean. Now you can see, up on the eastern ridge overlooking the sim, a modest one-room stone farmhouse. (It's below, in a photo I was trying to make look like a daguerrotype. :) ) Watch your step in the yard—there are chickens and a donkey here, you know.

If you complete the circle, you'll pass by an old fishing shack and a group of grazing blackface sheep. And off the main island you'll find some smaller islands that are equally quaint. Be sure to play around with windlight settings in Roche for some real delights—this place is just perfect for photography. And it's one of those sims that shows how much is really possible on a homestead with only 3,750 prims!


  1. That is an amazing homestead. Really inspiring to think so much can be done with so little. I've seen pics of it before. Gotta get over there and take a look.

  2. Oh, yes, be sure to go. m2 (as he prefers to be called) is often there! Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Ran into your Roche set on flickr today, and wound up going by here for the first time in an age. My goodness, how my photography's gotten better. http://whatfreshsl.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/another-strawberry-singh-meme-and-some-education/ wouldn't've happened without you. :)

  4. Great, Nathaniel! I'm glad you enjoy Roche—one of my favorite places—and I always love your work. :)