18 November 2011

The Mask Redux: Machinima

Back in mid-October I blogged about The Mask, a remarkable performance piece by Jo Ellsmere, Pyewacket Kazyanenko and Kai Steamer. You can now watch that performance in this archival machinima by Pyewacket Kazyanenko, which gives you a conceptual sense of the piece, although you can't see much detail. (I always start to try to zoom around when watching stuff like this, as if I'm watching inworld!) A better version for really seeing the effect of the three dancers can be had in the video immediately below, although you're going to hear Regiment from the David Byrne/Brian Eno collaboration My Life in the Bush of Ghosts rather than Morton Feldman's magnificently ethereal Rothko Chapel. (In both cases the music works brilliantly, and sure gives a completely different experience!) Hopefully we'll see more opportunities to see this performance live.

Jo IM'd me inworld a couple days ago to alert me to her new machinima, Hegira, which I love for its simplicity and beauty—take a look at it right below. There's an additional Mask-like work on her on Vimeo stream entitled concurrence 1 if you want to see even more. Open these up in Vimeo to see them in a larger format. Enjoy!

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