08 January 2012

Alchemy Immortalis Sims for Sale

Today a note rolled in from Alchemy Immortalis, the fabulous creators of homes, instruments, jewelry, sims and more—the duo of Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis—that said, "Selling Our Sims," meaning the one full and three homestead sims that adjoin their main shop sim of Alchemy Immortalis: Empress and Hierophant, Ceangal, Inis Caiseal (full sim), and Saerlaith.

These are among the most photographed of Second Life sims—Empress and Hierophant in particular—and it's a tragedy that they'll likely be broken up, but Alchemy and Immortalis say that want to return to the development of the original sim, and need to be freed up from the administrative tasks that come with maintaining the other four (some of which have had short-term B&B style rental options). (Click here to see a map of the layout.)

With designs that reflect the feel of rugged rural Ireland, the windswept sims are populated with winding hills, peaks and valleys, coastal waterways, narrow roadways, occasional sheep, rain and breathtaking views. Having spent a good amount of time there, I know there are many who frequently visit. (Of course, I'm wishing now I had taken many more photos!)

To purchase a homestead you have to already own a full sim, and Alchemy told me that she didn't anticipate she would want the sims to stay adjacent to the Alchemy Immortalis sim, with the possible exception of Empress and Hierophant. "We're hoping they'll end up with folks who will enjoy them as much as we have. Labour of love they've been," she added. Thanks, Alchemy and Immortalis, for having shared these gifts with the Second Life community!

By the way, you can also purchase many Alchemy Immortalis products on the Marketplace, including the "Elements of Empress and Hierophant" package from which you can build your own similar sim, and the enchanting Gatehouse Cottage, which I'm happy to have had as my own home for nearly a year now.

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