09 January 2012


I don't even know how to begin to describe Locus, an extraordinary new build by DB Bailey (who in real life is the architect David Denton). Well, I can start with a color: red! There's plenty of that, in great brilliance and in many shades, punctuated by yellow, orange, neon blue, periwinkle and a touch of green.

Populating the center of the island of Locus are a countless number of latticed phantom building walls (some of which evoke Romanesque or Gothic churches (not that I'm well studied in architectural history)), structures reminiscent of Greek temples piled high on one another, a central statue of Atlas holding up the world, archways, caverns and a wealth of other forms, all amazingly blended with the textures of the tall walls that surround the sim, so that one can't really tell at first where the build stops and the wall begins. It's almost disorienting at times, and I find myself smiling at how marvelous it is.

The build occupies the entire sim, and you'll want to turn you draw distance up high enough that you can see clear across. As you hunt around you'll find some unusual spots—I was surprised to find a little red house surrounded by red palm trees near a waterfall. DB says he's always working on it—"I never know where this is all going," he remarked.

I learned of Locus through the brilliant machinimatographer NicoleXMoonwall—take a look here. Watch her stuff, it's great. :)


  1. thanks for introducing us to NicoleX
    i found this by her:

    an amazing build and super machinimatography!
    breath-taking,, thanks again!!

  2. Hey Eli. :) Yes, the place is fabulous, and I love the way NicoleX captured it. (She said she struggled with the lag because of the complexity of the build, but you just can't capture places like this in photos as well as you can with moving images, so I'm always delighted to see what she's doing.)