17 January 2012

North Yard

When you arrive in a sim and the land description says, "Reaver Land. We Hate Everyone" and "No commercial photography/activity, EVAR."—well, you might have second thoughts about hanging around. But North Yard is worth the stay.

It's part of a group of sims known as The Wastelands, which were founded almost exactly five years ago, on January 19, 2007. (I guess I should have waited a couple days to post this!) The largest and oldest post apocalyptic community in Second Life, the larger Wastelands comprise the sims of The Wastelands, The Junkyard, The Great Fissure, Fort Stygian, Malady Bog, Hambone Slash, Ashvasta, Cormac, Kronbelt, The Rot, Burnt Oak and North Yard. Each is distinct in style, and I really love North Yard for its utter desolation. The Wastelands are more than a bunch of picturesque sims, however—they're a small gaming platform with complex rules, about which you can read here. (As far as I can tell, visitors are quite welcome.)

If you're not using a viewer that follows sim windlight settings, the suggested one is [TOR] SUNRISE - Defenderz 1, which produces the effect shown here. One of the larger structures in North Yard is the First Church of Gid (picture immediately above), where you can leave a donation on the offering plate. You'll also find little encampments such as Hannibal's Camp and the Crone's Shack. (And don't worry about coming across a Reaver—a resident manimal told me they're quite rare: "havent seen a reaver in. well ever" he remarked.)

P.S.: Thanks to M (a.k.a. MissMoe Requiem) for the suggestion!

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