19 January 2012


When I saw a couple photos of Crommhold in the Blogging Elf's blog, I thought it looked promising, and I wasn't disappointed when I visited. It's a lush land of flowers, ferns and forests, open to the public but especially welcoming to non-humans—as its co-owner Cromm Slade says, "from mystics to elves and the fae in the woods, all the forrest kinn are welcome."

He emphasized to me that it's a non-roleplaying sim, although roleplayers are welcome. And he said he's always tweaking it—he toured me around, showing me many hidden spaces, but when I returned today one of them, the grotto, seems to have disappeared (and lovely it was, too!). There's a place for magic creation known as the Rune Keep (you'll have to move the disguised rock door to enter), and a place for mermaids under the waterfall (including a hidden bed chamber below) with an elven cove nearby.

Cromm's partner, Ava Verino-Slade, has created a companion sim, and to get there you'll have to find the teleporter hidden on the main Crommhold island. "Another realm even more beautiful—and my wife built it all from scratch," says Cromm. "I cheat a lot—buy and mould is my style," he quipped. If you find the teleporter, you'll arrive at her land, which is pictured below, also enchanting. (The unicorns you'll discover have fun poses.) Both sims are perfect for photos and provide lots of fun exploration.

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