15 January 2012

The Avatar Machine

Ready for a good laugh? Then head to the sim known as LOL and check out The Avatar Machine, a fun creation by pallina60 Loon. Here, just in case your legs are tired from walking and your arms are sore from flying, The Avatar Machine takes you on a silly little journey—your avatar will be bumped, whisked and jostled about until you complete the end of the fun ride. There are some free items you can pick up here too.

Down below on the main part of the sim, called Circo Loon - Meshtriciattolandia Editions, are installations by Gebedia Yoshikawa, Opensource Obscure, Miru Lane and Lila Iwish, in addition to some by pallina60 Loon. I'm not sure everything was functioning on my last visit, but it's an enjoyable place to explore and to pick up a few freebie items. (As always, I'll urge to you donate if you can.) :)

Thanks to Rose Borchovski for a heads up about The Avatar Machine.