31 December 2012

Alchemy Immortalis Sims

Rustic. Windswept. Rugged. Timeless. One could go on for some time with adjectives to describe the group of five sims connected to the Alchemy Immortalis shop: Empress and Hierophant, Inis Caiseal, ceangal, Saerlaith and the sim Alchemy Immortalis itself. One of the most picturesque and favorited areas of the Second Life grid, these rainy sims hearken to the romantic, rural western edge of Ireland, where the cold sea relentlessly pounds the dramatic cliffs and barren coastline. Empty but well trodden dirt roads wind through the hillsides, connecting small cottages that dot the shore and the ridges, while blackface sheep graze on the steep inclines.

You can live here, too: after a bit of a scare just a year ago, when four of the sims were announced to be for sale, they were converted to bed and breakfasts, and you can rent one of the little cottages short or long term. (I think many if not most homes are Alchemy Immortalis's Gatehouse Cottage, which I once lived in—they're really delightful and are for sale at the shop.) Whenever I visit these sims, I meet other people who are just there wandering, immersed in the sheer beauty, taking it all in step by step and view by view. It's just that kind of place.

Note: Just after I wrote this post, Alchemy Cyannis announced on the Alchemy Immortalis blog that all four regions connected to the main Alchemy Immortalis sim are now for sale.

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