08 December 2012


For the past several months, artist Anita Witt has generously provided an opportunity for Second Life residents to explore and use several builds by William Weaver, all designed with an eye toward light and photography (previously blogged about here). Now it comes time to say goodbye to these spaces, as Anita has built out a larger area below with a striking landscape and new gallery space. Dryland, as it's called, is inspired by the parched and barren lakebed of the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, with hulks of old ships now resting on the dried mud.

To celebrate the opening of Dryland, Anita has organized and curated four bodies of work. In the decayed shell of a concrete building that towers above Dryland will the be exhibition Visions of Dryland, featuring works by Melusina Parkin, Ziki Questi, Marlen Slazar and William Weaver. Nearby, the delightful Woops ..... a baby by pallina60 Loon, first displayed at Burn2, has been rebuilt and can be enjoyed anew in this lag-free setting. Tarek Atoui - Un-Drum is a selection of real life works by Anita that focus on the Lebanese avant garde musician Tarek Atoui, and additionally a gallery space features a selection of Anita's photographic work.

The closing party for the Weaver Project will take place today, Saturday, December 8, starting at 12 pm slt, and then guests can parachute to the ground far below for the Invasion of Dryland opening party at about 1:30. To reach the Weaver Project go here, but after the event you can teleport here to get directly to Dryland. (And thanks to Anita Witt for permission to reproduce the poster shown above!)

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