26 December 2012

Whiskey Monday at Atelier Kreslo

Whiskey Monday, one of my favorite Second Life photographers, recently plurked that she has a little show at Atelier Kreslo that runs for the next few weeks. I knew the name Atelier Kreslo—and that of designer Flutter Memel—but hadn't ever visited the shop, and it's a sweet little place. If you've been wanting to own something by Whiskey, here's a chance to purchase five works, do a little extra shopping, and have a nice cup of coffee.


  1. i have a few of Whiskey's photos over on Alviso, but i cant wait until i get something of her for rl from http://fineartamerica.com/art/all/whiskey+monday/all

    maybe a late christmas present, from me to me :D

  2. Oh, thanks for mentioning! Eliana, the owner and curator of historic Lauk's Nest, is referring to the Shutter Light Gallery, and you can see an excellent display of Whiskey's works there too (although not for sale):