11 December 2012

MadPea Carneval

Now that the December issue of AVENUE magazine has been published, including my feature on the MadPea Carneval, I'll put in a good word for it here on my blog, but please read the issue to get my comprehensive review (starting on page 308). This is simply a "must see" location in Second Life, and is one deserving multiple visits to fully appreciate all its nooks and crannies. I must stress that it's very important to discover some of the fabulously executed games that exist within the sim—not only the simple arcade-style games near the entrance, but also the puzzles found in the amazing Kaaos Effect.

Carneval's initial concept was generated by the founder and director of MadPea, Kiana Writer, and its development was overseen by MadPea creative director Harter Fall. They were complemented by a large team of designers, including Arduenn Schwartzman, Fae Varriale, Geoffrey Xenobuilder, Linus Humphreys, Lorin Tone, paramparamm Papp, Penelope Parx, RAG Randt and Zachh Barkley, with additional contributions from Apollosmile, claudia222 Jewell, Clicquot Oh, cold Frog, Elizabeth Tinsley, Fuzz Difference, Glitch Axelrad, Madcow Cosmos, Quan Lavender, Smiley Dyrssen, Voidheart Mistwalker, Yooma Mayo and Yuna Khaos.

It's an explorer's dream and a photographer's delight. You'll find some fun shopping opportunities on the sim as well. To pay a vist to Carneval, just click here. I'll be posting a few images on my flickr stream.

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