27 December 2012

William Weaver at Pixel Panic

Currently on view at the Pixel Panic Gallery, curated by Megan Prumier and located on the sim CRIMARIZON, is an exhibition of recent works by William Weaver. This artist's exploration of color, light, shadows and depth of field has revolutionized Second Life photography, and his recent development of the Phototools extension for the Firestorm viewer places powerful tools in the hands of other photographers.

The remarkable structure in which William's photos are displayed was designed by Charlotte Bartlett, whose brand, Scarlet Creative, is known for its elegant use of texture, light and shadow. Designed especially for William, the gallery provides a beautiful setting for viewing photos and paintings, and Charlotte has generously listed the 70 prim building on the Marketplace for free.


  1. Why I remember when William was a wee snuff of a pixel long ago on a PC on poor graphics snappin Vicki. *Rocks in a rockin chair and looks as sage as is possible with gherkins in the fur*

    Fab exhibition :)

  2. 'Tis a fab exhibition indeed. :) (And now I have to know who Vicki is!)

  3. Long time to reply, pardon me ^^ Vicki Eriksen, dancer / comedian at Blue Moons - http://www.flickr.com/photos/61900109@N02/archives/date-taken/2011/05/29/ - Girl in white. Those pictures are before William got a fancy PC ^^

  4. Great! Thanks for the history (and I've actually looked so far back through all of William's work that I had seen those!). :)