04 October 2014

Art in a Box & Wild Things Tea Party

Opening today, Saturday, October 4, at 2 pm slt, is Art in a Box, an installation of two new artworks by WayneNZ at Holtwaye ArtSpace. Two oversized boxes — Boxed Clouds (above) and Playful Dweller (below) house the artworks, and give the viewer an opportunity to walk into the whimsical creations. An interactive pose exists in each — you might be barely able to make out my avatar, floating in the air in the image above and in a bubble in the image below. (Click on the images to zoom in.)

Special opening festivities are planned — there's a woodland theme to the launch, entitled Wild Things Tea Party, with a decorative set, shown below. "This event illustrates Wayne’s earthy and fantasy style, with references to woodland fantasy creatures, angels, faeries, hillside dwellings, the great outdoors, and of course, tea & cupcakes!" say Wayne and gallery co-owner Holter. "Calling your inner playful and wild-things side! Come in your woodsy outfits, your wild hair, your capes, your loincloths, your creative tea party outfits, or even just your pointy ears — and join our 'wild things tea party'."

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