29 October 2014

Little Town

Opening tomorrow, Thursday, October 30 at 12 noon slt, is a new sim by Cica Ghost, Little Town. The inhabitants of this quaint spot seem to have all disappeared for the day — or maybe they're just hiding — giving you a chance to explore their quirky, curious, humorous and delightful island. Crazy Dr. Seuss-like buildings populate the winding streets, parts of some of them in motion — whirling, pulsing, twisting and even apparently digesting — and many structures that aren't residential would seem to have some special, yet unknown, purpose. And there's a festive, playful quality in the air, with balloons adrift and general absurdity all around. Be sure as you arrive to pick up a copy of your own Flying Ventilator, which you can use to float in the breeze, and to try the silly "fishy cars" that can be guided along the rolling boulevards.

A few of the buildings can be entered, and you'll discover a coffee shop, a cinema café, a dance stage, an outdoor dance platform (click on the flowers to dance) at which there's also a boat with a humorous pose, and a cozy hotel with two rooms. Little Town will immediately bring comparisons to Cica's previous build, Little Village, but the newer location is far more complex: the buildings display significantly greater variety, the movement and activity of small parts and pieces are often unique, and the textures are more refined. (And while Little Village was constructed in the span of a week, Little Town was in development for a month.)

If you're not using a viewer that auto-changes to parcel windlight settings, you're going to miss out on the gorgeous atmospheric skies, which Cica developed just for Little Town. A few items are for sale — you'll spot a little flower shop where you can purchase grasses and dreaming balloons, and just outside its door are two charming little metal gear birds for sale. (And around that location, don't miss the little cage in which you can float, and the dreaming balloon beds on which you can slumber.) Please consider leaving a contribution to support the sim, which you can do near the landing point — this is Cica's own homestead and needs support to be maintained.