27 October 2014

The Alt-View Art Museum

The Alt-View Art Museum, curated by Andrea N (Andy Numanox) ("my small personal museum of contemporary SL art," she says), packs an amazing amount of material into a compact space. Although she states that it's under construction, there's a great deal here already to see, and one might have the impression that the space will constantly evolve. Among the artists represented in the collection (and I'm sure to miss a few, as I'm just looking about) are Bryn Oh, Cherry Manga, Cica Ghost, claudia222 Jewell, DecemberGrey, Dido Haas, Eliza Wierwright, Feathers Boa, Fiona Leitner, Frank Rubino, Genevieve Silvercloud, ieko Catnap, Loonia Loon, luciella Lutrova, Scottius Polke, Sina Souza (Sinalein), Slaaaaa Tenk, Static Schultz, Zeppie Innis, Ziki Questi, TI0TA (7107a), and works by Andrea N herself.

Collections by several of the artists are substantial enough that they have dedicated rooms. Bryn Oh, whose works are among those, also has a room devoted to video. (I wasn't successful in getting the media to play — perhaps this is an area in progress.) After you've enjoyed the interior, it's time to step outside, where a sculpture garden awaits (as well as additional two-dimensional works on building exteriors). Works by Bryn Oh, Scottius Polke and Cica Ghost are especially prominent outdoors. Thanks to Andrea for not only supporting these artists by collecting their creations, but also for sharing these artworks with the community.


  1. Excellent article of an EXCELLENTE PLACE!! I love this museum!!!!

  2. Thanks, Pepa and Liza — hope you enjoy!