23 October 2014

The Trace

The Trace, a sim designed by Kylie Jaxxon, has long been a favorite of explorers and couples looking for romantic environs. Every several months, the sim has undergone a seasonal transformation — most recently from a spectacular summer beach (read here) — and was being prepared for rebirth as autumnal woods when, a little over three weeks ago, Kylie suddenly announced that because of unexpected health issues she would need to leave Second Life and close The Trace. (I share this only because she has made it public on her SL feed.) Fortunately, her health continues to improve, and friends have stepped in to help manage the sim.

And a beautiful sight it is, too: woods filled with brilliant colors through which paths and streams meander, little buildings nestled here and there, vivid yellow flowers in the waters off the edge of the island shore, and stars shooting through the sky. A steady flow of visitors attests to Kylie's consistently remarkable skills in composing captivating landscapes, so serene that one really doesn't want to leave. (You might spot, in a couple places, signs that the sim rebuild was still in progress, but they're easily overlooked.) And, if you enjoy The Trace, please consider leaving a donation near the landing point. (Most importantly, best wishes for a speedy recovery, Kylie!)

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