03 October 2014

Travel Narratives into Trees

Opening tomorrow, Saturday, October 4, at at 12:00 pm slt, is Travel Narratives into Trees, an installation on LEA14 by Uan Ceriaptrix. In describing the work, Uan states:
   I am pleased to share some sensations that give me satisfaction,
   the simple perception and contemplation of nature around us,
   with its main actors: living beings, colors, flavors, textures, movements, sounds and more;
   with the range of elements and factors that we reveal a reality,
   also, feelings of uncertainty that often surprise and motivate us to explore and experiment.
   The only explanation I can give of my performance, it is my love of nature,
   and life as a whole, that is my reason for living of course!

On the ground level, scraggly trees stand on a island (which strikes me as being shaped to imply it might be alive, like part of some creature emerging from the waters) with other brush suggestive of a tropical environment. Several crocodiles guard a small island where a pose awaits (middle image) and bones litter the ground. And nearby is a hidden teleport up to the second part of the build, a massive hollow tree trunk that contains what appears to be something of a rudimentary home laboratory. Perhaps I'm missing something, but that appears to be all, and, frankly, it's not much to look at.

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