14 September 2015

Art of Seduction Gallery September Show (NSFW)

Opening tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15 at 6 pm slt, is a new exhibition of erotic photography at the Art of Seduction Gallery, owned and curated by Sirenity Soon and Lelu Anatine. Working around a BDSM theme, the show features some strikingly beautiful works by Keely Mistwood Zane, Nom Nom, Hills, Danielle Livadi, Alex Hylton, Lana Quicksand, Brandi Monroe, A.Girl.Who..., Lelu Anatine, Jack Nichols, Isabella Brune, and Spartin Parx. The individual works in the spacious gallery aren't labeled, but a simple click on each will provide information in local chat.

"Sirenity and I come up with a theme and then we pick photos from the Art of Seduction flickr group," Lelu explained as she discussed with me and Kinn the way in which shows are curated. "Each person can only have one photo per theme, so we pick 15 to 20 photos depending on what fits. I also love highlighting artists who aren't as well known." The exhibition, which is beautifully installed, will remain on display for about a month.

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