19 September 2015

Line and Shadow

Opening today, Saturday, September 19 at 12 pm slt, at the Art on Roofs gallery, is an exhibition of recent photographs of my own entitled Line and Shadow. The show includes twenty-three works that I haven't displayed inworld before (plus one I have), all taken between May and September 2015 in various locations in Second Life, including landscapes and art installations. (One image, Art on Roofs 2 (Mistero Hifeng), I placed precisely where it was taken during a previous installation of Mistero's works at Art on Roofs.)

I've also included several monotone erotic images taken with my partner, Kinn, and all of the artworks are available for purchase. My thanks to terrygold, the gallery curator, for having invited me to show in this distinctive location. The exhibition will continue for about two weeks.

1 comment:

  1. I very much enjoyed finding this gallery of your wonderful art pieces in SL!