07 September 2015

Timeless Memories Revisited

My recent visit to Elvira Kytori's new sim, Tranquility Dreams (read here) promoted a revisit to another creation by her, Timeless Memories. I wrote about the latter back in January, when it sported a winter landscape, but I was aware from a couple visits that a dramatic transformation had taken place, with snow swept away by white sands. Visitors arrive on the beachy shore of this rocky island, and can ascend stone steps to arrive at a modest terrace, providing a lovely view of orcas frolicking in the waters, but the true destination requires a more intensive climb.

Positioned about two-thirds the way up the steep rock face is a little enclave into which a Mediterranean villa is nestled (photo above), its rooms exquisitely furnished, with delightful plantings of flowers along its walls and in the nearby garden. Here, explorers will find some fun opportunities for relaxation, including a small pool (sit along the edge for a menu), a nearby hammock, a tree swing, and other spots. If you enjoy your visit to Timeless Memories, please consider leaving a contribution at the landing point.

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