03 September 2015

Final Call for Boarding at Tierra de Fuego

It may not be very safe to fly out of Tierra de Fuego, judging from the looks of the wrecked planes at the airport, but it's also your last chance, as Ash (Ashratum), the sim's owner, announced its impending closure on Sunday, September 6. The airport and environs opened in December 2013 (see a blog post here from January 2014) and quickly became a quirky watering hole for the sexually adventurous, as well as for photographers interested not only in the sim's distinctive look, but also in opportunities for erotic images.

Set amidst a desert scene, the sim's primary focal point is its airport and extended runway, lined by hangars, maintenance facilities and a café. Further afield are a fleabag motel and a seedy joint called The Waiting Room, with opportunities for sexual encounters at many locations. (The sim does not shy away from its adult agenda in the least — often with a dash of humor — and photographers such as Ash, Phil Sidek, Mich Michabo and others have contributed to its reputation, with many photos in the sim's flickr group.) Thanks to Ash and her friends for having shared Tierra de Fuego with the Second Life community.

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