05 September 2015

Tranquility Dreams

Kylie Jaxxon recently encouraged me to visit Tranquility Dreams (part of White Dunes Estates), landscaped by her friend (and excellent sim designer) Elvira Kytori, who has created sims such as the gorgeous Timeless Memories (read here and here). With pine trees and scrappy vegetation on rolling dunes suggestive of the mid-Atlantic coast, possibly around the Outer Banks, the sim provides lovely views along the shoreline, with beach homes throughout.

The beaches and shorelines are for the most part open to the public, and include many spots to wander, relax, cuddle, or soak up the sun. Those visitors who find themselves enthused by the region might want to consider renting one of the homes, all of which, when rented, will likely be off limits to foot travel, as inviting as they appear.

The quiet sounds of the waves lapping the shore and the piercing cries of the gulls permeate the soundscape, so be sure to have local sounds turned on. I've used the sim's default windlight in the first two images here (brightened a little), but others work as well, and photographers will not doubt enjoy experimenting with the opportunities presented by Tranquility Dreams.

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