18 July 2016

Beautiful Bizarre (images NSFW)

Now open at DaphneArts Gallery I, curated by SheldonBR and Angelika Corral, is Beautiful Bizarre, an exhibition of photographic compositions by Angelika Corral, Asa Vordun, Gwenarielle, Leeleu Lemondrop, Loki (LokiSilverson), Maghda, Paradox Messmer, Rainbow Mubble, Sabbian Paine, SheldonBR, terrygold and Theda Tammas (the last of whom offers a three-dimensional work, pictured below). Each artist was expressly invited to create an image or object reflecting the exhibition's theme.

"It is not easy to define beauty ... It’s not about prettiness," state the curators. "Beauty is something subjective." Here, embracing styles ranging from the grotesque to the surreal to the nightmarish, the artists explore the "beautiful bizarre" in their works. Most, but not all, of the artworks are available for purchase. Beautiful Bizarre will continue on display through the month of August.


  1. Thank you again for the post, Ziki :)

  2. smiles ...a lovely combination!

  3. Thanks, Sheldon (with best wishes for the continued success of DaphneArts) and Gedenspire!