04 July 2016

It all starts with a smile

Kaelyn Alecto's sim, It all starts with a smile, closed its doors for renovations several weeks ago, and recently reopened as a tropical paradise, where palms and mangroves line the shore and flamingos and waterbirds wade in peaceful lagoons. The sometimes thick jungle vegetation contrasts with broad open sightlines across inner bodies of quiet water.

Wanderers and couples will find opportunities not only to sit or cuddle through the sim — in boats, in caves, on sofas and elsewhere — but also to play in the water by floating on inflatable devices or rezzing a rowboat. Shown in these images is It all starts with a smile's default environmental settings, a deep tawny sky that blends beautifully with the rich greens of the foliage. If you enjoy the sim, please consider leaving a contribution toward its support.

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