20 July 2016

Close Ups of a Doll

Now open at Berg by Nordan Art, and curated by Kate Bergdorf, are two concurrent exhibitions by photographer Maloe Vansant: Close Ups of a Doll, situated on the water level of the sim, and Yesterday: Retrospective, located in the small gallery overhead. The former, consisting of fifteen large and beautifully composed photographs (depicted in the first two images in this post) "are all new photographs depicting close-ups of avatars, inspired by our perception of the avatar as a doll," states the curator, reflecting Maloe's preferred way of being in Second Life.

The exhibition overhead, while dubbed a retrospective, features works not previously exhibited, and Maloe draws on a poem by Emily Dickinson, "Yesterday is History" (provided on the exhibition's accompanying notecard), to provide a context for her thoughts. Maloe's artworks are available for purchase, and the exhibitions will remain on display through September. Visitors should also consider visiting Berg by Nordan Art's l'annexe, which displays photography by Kate Bergdorf, and which has recently been refreshed with an excellent show of black and white images.